Frances Ashton (@FKAEnglish) finally sees the potential of Twitter and revels in the collaborative possibilities. 

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”
― Helen Keller

I haven’t always understood Twitter. I couldn’t imagine using it to reduce my daily musings and life updates into 140 characters. For what purpose? For what audience?

But during this maternity leave, I’ve had my eyes opened to its potential. A vast, creative and generous network of professionals thrives on Twitter. Sharing resources, triggering debate on education policy and collaborating.

This past few weeks, momentum has built in the community to create something for International Women’s Day. Propelled by members of #womenEd, creative and (mostly) female leaders in education kept stepping forward with something to offer. Giving their time, talent and take on the theme #beboldforchange to create a collaborative toolkit that flies in the face of the idea that women don’t support each other. That they don’t celebrate each other’s achievements. 

The whole endeavour proved to be a perfect Maternity CPD project for me. I’ve been doing lots of reading and blogging, but this took me back to my true love: planning. And the theme itself is powerful. I’ve blogged previously about my views on gender stereotypes and about my own career ambitions, so this project became intersect of a professional venn diagram.

The link to the launch blog and Toolkit are below. Please share. Share far and wide and get the conversation going.