Pregnancy and Expectancy

Congratulations!  Whether you are already pregnant or expecting, or are planning for the future, The MTPT Project can support and empower you to combine your personal aspirations with your professional goals. 

We have a number of resources available offering information and tips to help you make the right choices for you and your family.

Did you know...?

  • Shared parental leave is an entitlement – your employer cannot stop you from taking it 
  • 54,000 women are pushed out of their jobs each year due to pregnancy and maternity discrimination 
  • You can interview for promoted positions or roles in new schools whilst pregnant 
  • There is no legal requirement to offer leave to support employees with IVF or fertility treatment

Shared Parental Leave for Teachers

Don’t hesitate to connect with Teacher’s SPL – their website and additional support packages tell you everything you need to know about shared parental leave, including how to use it to get full pay during your holiday periods!


Our Adoption Advocates, Ben and Bennie, are available to provide advice and share their experiences of adopting as teachers and school leaders. 

A brilliant blog from former Adoption Advocate, Alex shares what schools can do to support adoptive parents.


What to Expect as an Expectant Teacher Webinar Series

Our four part webinar series will get you prepared for all things pregnancy, expectancy and parental leave as a teacher!  Recordings of our live series from May 2024 are now available for watch-back.

I’m Thinking of Starting a Family… what do I need to know?

I’m Pregnant!  Everything you need to know. 

Pregnancy and Maternity Discrimination: what to know and what to do. 

What do different forms of leave look like?

Each webinar includes 30-45 minutes of information (recorded) and live sessions are followed by an optional 15 minutes Q&A.  

We’ll be hosting a live set of webinars in May 2025 that include any legal or research-based updates that occur over this year.  Follow us on Eventbrite to receive notifications of live events in the future. 

IVF and Fertility Treatment

Our Fertility Advocate, Nicola Mooney, is always happy to provide advice, support and a listening ear to anyone undergoing fertility treatment as a teacher.

Fertility Issues in Teaching have a website full of blogs and information regarding fertility treatment.

Our webinar, “Teaching and Fertility Treatment” is included in our Life Friendly Leadership programme


  • What to Expect as an Expectant Teacher Series – £10.00 per webinar 
  • Teachers’ SPL support packages – £40.00 – £95.00 
  • Life Friendly Leadership Programme – self-directed cohort £75.00 / live cohort £125.00

The MTPT Project community is full of fathers who have either taken a standard fortnight of paternity leave, or enjoyed a longer period of shared parental leave. 

Connect with our community through our Fathers Advocate, Paul Hunter, or get inspired by our series of case studies from teachers and leaders. 

Enjoy hearing from Alex Fox in our panel event with Shared Parental Leave for Teachers.