The MTPT Project is not a research organisation, however we are the largest network and only charity in the UK exploring the motherhood penalty in education and addressing some of its causes and effects.  

Since 2017 we have been conducting research into teachers on maternity leave and women aged 30-39 who have either stayed in, or left teaching.  The articles informing our research, as well as the infographics created from the available literature reviews are accessible through our individual membership.

We are now also excited to share the findings of our 2018-2021 research into female teachers aged 30-39 through our research subscription – a three year subscription that will provide you with a short monthly report into the findings of our research and the themes of our 80+ qualitative interviews.

If you are completing an MA, PhD, EdDoc or any other research that has a crossover with the interests of The MTPT Project, and would like to talk about your study, share surveys or support with recruiting qualitative interview participants please get in contact


Our three key infographics outlining the motherhood penalty in education.  Free to access with your individual membership or Light Research subscription.

Light Research Subscription

Our three-year subscription offering you termly reports into the findings of our study into female teachers who stay in and leave teaching aged 30-39.

Read the introduction to the study for free, here.

Your Light Research subscription also includes bonus reports about offering insight into The MTPT Project community.


A library of MTPT-relevant reports, research, articles and blogs.  Topics range from teacher retention to shared parental leave.

Free to access – we’ve just put everything in one handy location to help with your Literature Reviews and presentations!