Parental Leave Coaching

Our Parental Leave coaching packages offer you four different ways to access coaching support whilst on maternity, adoption or shared parental leave.  Choose the option that suits you best as a starting point so that you can enjoy personal and professional development at a time that fits around you and your baby. 

Parental Leave Coaching

1:1 Parental Leave coaching offers you the chance to dig deeper into any themes explored in the group coaching sessions, and receive personalised support to reach your goals, be these for your personal or professional life. 

You’ll be matched with one of our qualified and experienced coaches, for six 1:1 sessions, organised at a mutually convenient time.  You can take all six sessions during your leave, or spread them over your leave and your return to work – whatever works best for you. 

Funding available as standard for Harris Federation colleagues and on request for NEU members.

Funded Places Available for...

Harris Federation colleagues

NEU Members (on request)

RE Teachers / Primary RE Leads (Accreditation)

Physics Teachers / Science Teachers (Accreditation)

Accreditation Coaching

Our signature Accreditation programme is for teachers and leaders who love professional development!  If learning, curiosity and exploration are important to your sense of wellbeing, then our two-module programme will offer you the flexibility and structure you need to complete self-directed CPD around your new baby. 

Underpinned by six 1:1 coaching sessions, the Accreditation acknowledges and celebrates the professional development you complete on leave, and supports you to design and implement a teaching, leadership or pedagogical action plan when you return to work.  Here’s how it works:

Module 1:

Module 2:

Funding available as standard for Harris Federation colleagues, RE teachers, Physics teachers and on request for NEU members.

Parental Leave Group Coaching

Our group coaching programme empowers you to explore your new or changing identity over three monthly sessions.

Perfect for anyone feeling disconnected, lost or in need of some motivation, our Parental Leave Group coaching programme offers you structure, community and a renewed sense of purpose.

In each session, we’ll explore one of three key themes:

  • Changing Identity – who am I now?
  • The Inner Critic – what’s holding me back?
  • Empowering Visions – where next?

Each coaching session is accompanied by an enriching article, podcast, blog or reading recommendation to support your exploration further. 

Cohorts begin in October, December, March and May.

Fully funded for all state school teachers in England.

Funded Places Available for...

All state school teachers in most regions in England

NEU Members (on request) 

Colleagues from minority ethnic backgrounds

Colleagues who have become parents via adoption 

Fathers taking an extended period of adoption or shared parental leave


Did you know...?

  • Coaches believe that all the answers are within you – we give you the time, headspace and empowering questions to find them
  • Coaching is professional development, even if you hardly talk about work! 
  • You can request to use KIT or SPLIT days to cover the costs of our group or 1:1 coaching programmes
  • It is discriminatory for your employer to deny you training or development opportunities whilst you are pregnant or on maternity leave
  • The MTPT Project is the only organisation offering coaching specifically designed for parent-teachers

Coaching Tutorials

Introduce yourself to the world of coaching with our four bitesize tutorials, available with your individual membership. 

In these tutorials, our coaching team guide you through simple and easy-to-apply tools exploring: 

  • Forgiveness and (self) Compassion 
  • Clarifying Your Career 
  • Setting Boundaries 
  • Embracing the Inner Critic

Your membership allows you to return to these tutorials again and again, or give you a flavour of how empowering coaching can be before you take the next step on your journey.

Funding Your Coaching

It is The MTPT Project’s vision that coaching over the parental leave period is fully-funded for teachers and leaders as part of the DfE’s commitment to teacher wellbeing, gender equality and retention. 

We are on our way to achieving this goal thanks to our supporting and sponsoring partners. 

Colleagues working at Harris Federation academies are eligible for fully-funded places on all our 1:1 coaching programmes. 

Sponsorship is available for RE teachers and Physics teachers wishing to complete our Accreditation programme. 

We can make individual requests to regional officers for NEU members for all of our coaching programmes.

If you don’t qualify for a funded coaching place, talk to your school, MAT or union about the associated costs. 


Parental Leave Group Coaching (Live) – £120.00

Parental Leave Group Coaching (Self-Directed) – £90.00

Parental Leave 1:1 Coaching – £620.00

Accreditation – £680.00