Our regular blog posts can provide you with a wealth of inspiration – from CPD tips to ambitious career role models; from family-friendly practices in schools to honest reflections on identity and personal journeys during parental leave.

Parental Leave CPD

An array of blogs from MTPT Project bloggers, sharing their maternity and paternityCPD experiences – jaunts and adventures with baby, challenges overcome and satisfying professional learning.

In 2023, our resident blogger is History Teacher and Assistant Head, Simon Beale.  Follow his paternity adventures with his twin daughters here!

Family Friendly Schools

Practical tips for schools and CPD providers to offer more inclusive working environments for staff.

Motherhood and Headship

An exclusive blog series with head teachers who have taken maternity leave.  These inspirational women share their experiences and top tips for aspiring leaders.

Community Bloggers

 A collection of bloggers from The MTPT Project community who blog on their own platforms: 

Arion Law – Father and Primary School teacher, blogging about his experiences of fatherhood. 

Lucy Flower – Mother and Secondary Music Teacher, MTPT Project York Regional Representative blogging about her experiences of stepping in and out of leadership.

Kat Howard – Mother and Assistant Principal, MTPT Project East Midlands Representative blogging about her maternityCPD and balancing leadership and parenting.

Lucy Hemsley – Mother and Assistant Head Teacher, MTPT Project Gloucester Representative, blogging about her maternityCPD.

Nazmin Rahman – Mother and Assistant Head Teacher, blogging about her maternityCPD.

FertilityTeacher – anonymously blogging about teaching and the fertility journey.