by Apr 5, 2020

Becoming a member of The MTPT Project gives teachers access to an increased range of Case Studies and blogs to inspire and shape their own maternity and paternity CPD experiences.  Our featured content draws from the experience within our coaching and Regional Representative team, and offers members the chance to contribute to our hive of expertise and experience.

For schools, becoming a member of The MTPT Project follows a period of consultancy with members of our Strategy Team.  Please read about our Family Friendly Schools Consultation Package before registering as an MTPT member school.  As well as benefitting from the expertise of our community, member schools can use The MTPT Project’s logo on their websites and recruitment literature to indicate that they are working hard to improve conditions for their staff.

Level Price  
Teacher £5.00 every 3 Years. Select
School £525.00 per Year. Select

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