Conference Team

Our Conference Team are longstanding members of The MTPT Project team who have first hand experience of parenting and teaching, accessing CPD, and often of middle, senior or systems leadership.  They are available for in-person and online delivery, depending on the location and date of your event.  Just get in touch to explore our availability.

Below, we’ve shared examples of workshops and presentations they have already delivered, as well as any particular areas of expertise that they hold.

Lucy Hemsley
Gloucestershire Regional Representative

Workshops Delivered

Life Friendly Leadership, Cathedral School’s Trust

Canaries in the Coal Mine, ResearchEd National and Diverse Educators, Bristol

Areas of Expertise

Flexible and part-time working at senior leadership level

Leading professional development

CPD on parental leave

Charlotte Bell

Workshops Delivered

Supporting Parent Teachers and Making and Impact on Leave and in the Classroom, NASUWT Women’s Conference

What to Expect as an Expectant Teacher

Areas of Expertise

Childcare Leave and Pay (Maternity, Paternity, Adoption, Shared Parental Leave, Unpaid Parental Leave)

CPD on parental leave

Emma Sheppard

Workshops Delivered
Life Friendly Leadership, NEU Leadership Conference

Expectancy, Parental Leave and the Return to Work, Diverse Educators

Canaries in the Coal Mine – what can we learn from mothers about teacher retention?, ResearchEd Berkshire

Challenges of Teacher Retention, The Chartered College

 The Straw that Breaks the Camel’s Back – how can we protect our mid-career teachers from burnout?, NAHT

Areas of Expertise

The motherhood penalty in education

Women aged 30-39 – the largest demographic to leave teaching every year

Teacher attrition and the motherhood penalty

Creating “life friendly” school cultures

Pregnancy and maternity, and sex-based discrimination

The return to work period

Rachel Campbell
North East Regional Representative

Workshops Delivered

Flex Your Way to the Top, DfE Flexible Working Ambassador Schools Panel

Areas of Expertise

Flexible and part-time working at senior leadership level

School leadership and cultures 

Laura-May Rowlands

Workshops Delivered
Effective job-sharing, Sutton Primary Head Teachers’ conference

Shared Parental Leave for Teachers, MTPT Project Webinar

Areas of Expertise

Flexible and part-time working at middle leadership level

Shared parental leave for teachers


Haili Hughes

Areas of Expertise



Work-Life Balance



If your training and support needs focus on women in education more generally, including the gender pay gap, negotiating, and the menopause, please contact the fabulous community that is WomenEd

If you are specifically interested in the ways that the motherhood penalty contributes to the gender inequalities we see in education, including the impact this has on the gender pay gap, The MTPT Project can support.  

Flexible Teacher Talent

If you’re particularly interested in training and support around flexible and part-time working in general, please contact industry experts, Flexible Teacher Talent or your local Flexible Working Ambassador School or MAT.

If you are specifically interested in the ways that part-time and flexible working can support your parent-teacher staff, The MTPT Project can support.


Holly Barradell

Workshops Delivered

Giving access to working flexibly in senior leadership, WomenEd Global Unconference

Areas of Interest

Flexible and part-time working at senior leadership level