The MTPT Project announce a new partnership to support parent-teacher colleagues working at Oasis Community Learning.

We are delighted to announce our latest partnership with Oasis Community Learning, a multi-academy Trust with 53 academies serving communities across England.

Oasis colleagues returning from a period of maternity, adoption or shared parental leave can now benefit from 1:1 Return to Work coaching with The MTPT Project, entitling them to four sessions of telephone or virtual coaching with a qualified and experienced MTPT Project coach, external to Oasis as an organisation.

We already know the huge impact that coaching can have on parent-teachers, particularly mothers, over the maternity, immediate and extended return to work period, boosting wellbeing and occupational mobility at a time when working parents – particularly mothers – are vulnerable to burnout, stagnation and attrition.

 5.45% of Oasis’ almost-2,000 teachers take a period of maternity leave every year, representing 105 staff members in 2021-22, a figure slightly higher than the 4.2% national average.  Oasis currently has a gender pay gap of 17.2% – slightly lower than the 18.1% average for the education sector and, whilst such pay gaps occur for complex reasons, the motherhood penalty that we see across all of our schools probably has a lot to do with this.

By supporting colleagues at this vulnerable time of their lives, Oasis are joining forces with Harris Federation and SENDAT, both of whom have committed to 1:1 and group coaching for their parent-teachers in an effort to tackle the inequalities we currently see across our sector.

If you are an Oasis colleague who could benefit from this 1:1 coaching support, complete this simple Google Form and choose Oasis as your funder.  We’ll be in touch to match you with your coach and support you through your return!

Bravo to Oasis Community Learning and our other MAT partners!  We look forward to supporting your returning colleagues as they navigate early parenthood and a fulfilling professional life.