Regional Representatives

Regional Representatives

Our energetic and welcoming Regional Representatives are all parent teachers with young families.  You’ll see them popping up all over the place!  They host our regional WhatsApp groups, and coffee mornings in family friendly cafes and sites of cultural and historical interest.  They also represent The MTPT Project at workshops and events across the UK.  They love their local areas and share CPD opportunities and school partnerships via Twitter and Facebook.

To find details of the next regional meet up or event near you, check out our Calendar

Introduce yourself to our Reps on Twitter, Facebook or when you see them at conferences and events, and enjoy the powerful network that they can provide! 

We are always keen to welcome new Regional Representatives into our team to help connect parent teachers across the UK.  If you think this role might be of interest to you whilst you are on parental leave, or on a medium to long term basis, get in contact with us.

Fiona Sheriff, @fiona_616

Fiona is a Head of Geography in Northampton with ten years of teaching experience.  She currently works part-time alongside being a regular speaker for the RGS and a consultant for the Geographical Association.

Fiona has two daughters and is a passionate advocate of flexible working, shared parental leave and fully-paid TLRs for part-time staff.  When she’s not teaching, you’ll find Fiona on an adventure somewhere trying to teach her children about lichen and pollution.

Dena Tickner, @YetAnotherTeach

Dena has been an English teacher since 2003 and has held 2iC and Head of Department positions.  In 2014 she took a career break to raise her two children and returned to teaching as a second in department in 2022. 

Dena represents The MTPT project in Kent.

Emer Cullen-Taylor, @poetryisbest

Emer has taught English since 2007 and has enjoyed a number of teaching and leadership roles in Cambridgeshire, Gloucestershire and Hampshire during this period, notably leadership of a large English department at a prestigious boarding school.

During her second maternity leave, Emer very much enjoyed engaging with the MTPT community, completed #maternityCPD, attending virtual coffee mornings, and the Flexible Returns and Return to Work workshops.

Emer recently returned to her role of Faculty Head of English at an 11-18 school. She is really eager to support and empower fellow parent teachers on their return to the classroom after leave, and is passionate about flexible working, maternity and paternity rights, and the powers of coaching and reading.

Chioma Kpogho, @EzrasMum

Chioma is a wife and mum of 2 lovely children and a Science teacher with Physics specialism in a school in Birmingham.

Over her seven years in the classroom, she has mentored teachers both within and outside Science to find their rhythm in the classroom and build their self-efficacy and self-belief to become confident teachers. Her Masters degree focused on retention of classroom teachers and the role of teacher leadership.

When Chioma is not doing the school run and keeping up with the busy lives of young people she can be seen having several books on the go that she will finish reading when she gets the time!

Emma Woolmer, @RoseGreenthumb

Emma has been teaching for 12 years and has been settled in Chester for a decade after completing her PGCE in London. She has been a Head of English and will be starting a new role as Lead Practitioner of English in September.

Emma completed the MTPT Accreditation on her first maternity leave, and undertook the MTPT group coaching sessions during her second. She is keen to share the fantastic opportunities that the MTPT offer with others.

When she’s not organising the life admin for two small humans, Emma can be found searching for high quality cake.

Lucy Hemsley, @CheltTeacher

Lucy is mum to two boys: pre-schooler Ernie and baby Roland. Currently on her second maternity leave, she is an Assistant Headteacher at a large secondary school, working four days a week.

Lucy teaches History and Politics and is passionate about CPD and teaching and learning.  She represents The MTPT Project by Tweeting about her maternity CPD and providing a strong visible role model for others within The MTPT Project community.

Lucy also hosts coffee mornings in Gloucestershire and online discussions popular with History teachers and senior leaders in The MTPT Project community. 

Maz Foucher, @Maz_devon44

Maz is mum to two teenage boys and is a former Assistant Headteacher and KS2 lead, based in Devon. Having juggled full time teaching, school leadership and parenting, she has a great understanding of the challenges faced by those with a young family.

After moving on from school-based roles, Maz studied for an MA in Education Leadership, specifically researching teacher retention. She is passionate about supporting education staff with their general wellbeing as well as their work life.

Maz now works in education publishing and is the Regional Representative for the MTPT Project in Devon. 

Charlotte Woolley, @miss_tiggr

Charlotte is a Learning Director of English and freelance speaker and CPD provider.  Author of both  The Lost Girlsand chapter 5 of The MTPT Project’s Teaching, Parenting and Creating Family-Friendly Schools, she is currently on maternity leave with her second son. 

Charlotte represents The MTPT Project in West Yorkshire, hosting coffee mornings and regional meet ups with Lauren Nutton.

Lauren Nutton, @LiteracyLau

Lauren has been teaching English since 2016 and gave birth to her first son in 2022.  She has experience as a Head of Year in Bradford and is excited to be moving onto a school in Wakefield as whole school Literacy Lead.
Since having her little boy, Lauren was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, and is keen to advocate for colleagues with similar conditions and share her experience.

Lauren will be joining forces with Charlotte Woolley to represent The MTPT Project in West Yorkshire.

Michelle Younger, @shell_younger

Michelle is the Regional Representative for Sheffield. She qualified as an English teacher in 2016. Having recently relocated from London, she is excited to make connections and grow the reach of The MTPT Project.

Michelle completed the MTPT Accreditation on her first maternity leave, which was the foundation for her leading on explicit vocabulary instruction in her most recent school. She has worked in Croydon and Sutton and has also been a PSHE lead. 


Michelle is currently on maternity leave and between roles and is taking part in the Return to Teaching programme. 

Laura Rowlands, @tillyteacher

Laura represents the MTPT Project in south Hampshire, connecting members of the MTPT Project. 

Laura has recently returned from shared parental leave to her job as faculty leader of English in a small secondary school in Southampton, having previously worked in a range of schools around Hampshire. 

As the mother of two small sons juggling full time working, writing, and being a regional advocate for Litdrive, Laura is always looking for and often failing to find balance. She finds gin can help with this. 

Rachel Campbell, @MsRachCampbell

Rachel is an English teacher and an experienced leader in education. She is passionate about providing teachers with balance, ensuring that flexible working is role modelled at leadership level.

Rachel currently works freelance supporting other educational setting on the journey to be more inclusive places for all.

Rachel has also presented at WomenEd and School North East events on a variety of issues.
She is the proud mum to three boys.

Emily Pringle, @EHP89

Emily is a History teacher and Research and Development Lead in North Lincolnshire with three children.

She is passionate about effective CPD for teachers and supporting other parent teachers after her own experiences with the MTPT Project during and in the periods following her maternity leaves.

During her second maternity, Emily discovered education reading and research, leading to a wholly different set of aspirations. 

Emily represents The MTPT Project in and around Lincoln.

Jenny Turner, @JT_geog

Jenny is a Geography teacher in Leicestershire. She has been teaching for 10 years and currently works 3 days a week. She is DofE manager at her school and has previously been a Head of House.

Jenny is keen to help spread the messages promoted by The MTPT Project to help make sure people know all of the options out there for them!

With her two daughters Jenny will be hosting meet ups and hopes to create a community of teacher parents to share ideas with and support each other.

Myfanwy Marshall, @miff__

Myfanwy Edwards is curriculum leader for English at The Richmond Upon Thames School. She is also the general secretary for the London Association for the Teaching of English and a PhD candidate at UCL Institute of Education.

Myfanwy has a marvellous one year old called Teifi and represents for The MTPT Project at events and through organising coffee mornings in West London.

Kerensa Healy, @rensihealy

Kerensa represents the MTPT project in Norfolk, working to build a network of parents in the local area.

Kerensa qualified as a teacher in 2005 initially working in the North West before relocating to Norfolk. She is an Assistant Principal in a Primary School leading KS1 and EYFS. Kerensa is passionate about early years and supporting teachers to have a work/life balance. She has started her NPQH and wants to be a Head one day who supports flexible working.

Kerensa is a Mum to a little boy and is determined to practice what she has preached about work/life balance.

Laura Nwanya, @being_willow

Laura has three children, one at university, one at primary and one with a childminder.  She is a deputy head teacher at a primary school in North London and knows how important it is to build a supportive community around you whilst balancing work and life.


She has been teaching for 12 years, in senior leadership for six.  Laura represents the MTPT project by supporting the social media team on twitter and is now taking it a step further by creating the North London regional group.