Trailblazing moves from SENDAT CFOO, a Trust of special and alternative education schools, has had far-reaching impact for parent-teachers in the East of England.

In February 2023, The MTPT Project began exploring support options for staff returning from maternity, adoption or shared parental leave at SENDAT’s 12 schools and specialist units based in the East of England. 

Lead by CFOO, Sue Prickett, SENDAT decided to fund three MTPT Project programmes boost staff wellbeing over the vulnerable period of parental leave and the return to work.  Places on our Return to Work workshops, Parental Leave group coaching programme and 1:1 Return to Work programme were offered to staff members.

Sharing her motivation for the partnership at an MTPT Project roundtable, which was largely based on reducing attrition, increasing retention and therefore minimising the workload to her colleagues that accompanies avoidable teacher turnover, Sue presented a convincing case to the many school, MAT and TSH leads in attendance.

TSH leads in the East of England quickly saw the importance of these three support measures, and less than a year later had committed to funding places on The MTPT Project’s Return to Work workshops and Parental Leave group coaching programmes not just for staff in individual schools or MATs, but for state school teachers across the whole of the East of England region!

When taking a risk with a new initiative, leaders are often comforted to know how a proposed idea has worked in a similar context elsewhere.  Without SENDAT’s solutions-focused strategy, it is possible that such wide-reaching support would have been achieved as quickly as it has.

If you are a SENDAT colleague currently on leave, our 1:1 Return to Work coaching programme is still available to you within the two terms of your return from maternity, adoption or shared parental leave.  Find out more and benefit from four sessions of coaching with our qualified and experienced MTPT coaches here.