The MTPT Project’s North East Regional Representative, Rachel Campbell (@MsRachCampbell) gives us a summary of June’s MTPT Project coffee morning.

This week’s North East meet-up was during the working week, so members who work flexibly were able to attend with or without their little ones.

We discussed the current issues around recruitment and retention and what our experiences were of working in schools whilst raising a family. We all agreed that more needed to be done regarding making the profession family friendly. We shared our experiences of the schools we have worked in and what would be our ideal.

Two of the members are completing their Masters around their young children and working commitments.  We also discussed transferable skills and how coaching others seems to come naturally to us.

We’re really keen to organise a larger scale meet up of parent educators in the North East, as we all struggle to travel to London where most events are held. We want to hear people’s experiences and what works in ensuring the profession is viable for parents.

In between this we laughed about turning 40 and wondering where our 20s and 30s went, whilst exchanging potty training techniques.

One of our little ones made six trips to the bathroom. I love how children become mini toilet inspectors!

We also indulged in cake and coffee!