Communication and Marketing

Made up of serving primary and secondary teachers, FE practitioners and teachers who have stepped away from the classroom, our Communication and Marketing Team keep The MTPT Project community updated about our work and events across social media, and support with our communication with schools and partners.

Emma Sheppard, @emma_au_soleil
Toulouse, France

Emma is managed by the social media team who remind her of promises she has made to do things, and to put the right dates on things.

She is trying to use the social media team to wean her off her smartphone, but it’s not really working.  She (wo)mans the Twitter inbox and dabbles around on LinkedIn when she finds the time.

Danielle Thomas @danniisgreat

Primary Teacher, Phase Leader and English Lead, Danielle schedules regular content on Twitter.

Kim Cunningham @organikcmummy
Instagram and Facebook

Primary Teacher, Kim schedules Facebook and Instagram posts and stories as well as acting as The MTPT Project’s Stirling Representative.

Helen Costa @HelenAustin2013

English and ESOL teacher, Helen schedules regular content on Twitter and also acts as our FE Advocate.

Sondos Bowker @MrsB_NE
Really Helpful Person

Former Head of English, Sondos is our Really Helpful Person supporting with school and partner communication, our events calendar and with our marketing materials.

Shona Swan @booklovershona

English Teacher, Shona, schedules regular content on Twitter.

Charlotte Craig @chpar22
Instagram and Facebook

Secondary Geography Teacher, Charlotte schedules regular content on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

Sherish Osman @sherish_o

Secondary English teacher and Lead Practitioner, Sherish schedules Instagram posts and stories, and (wo)mans the Instagram inbox.  She is also The MTPT Project Schools Lead for her school and The MTPT Project’s West London Representative.