Whether you want to learn more about The MTPT Project and our work, access inspirational role models or learn more about the wider context of the motherhood penalty and parenting polices across society, here is a curated list of podcast recommendations for your listening pleasure.  Look out for standalone podcast episodes from other hosts shared on our social media channels

Motherhood and Leadership

Looking for role models who are both senior leaders and mothers of babies and young families? 

Enjoy Voicing Education’s Motherhood and Leadership podcast series where MTPT Trustee, Kathleen Cushnie interviews nine senior leaders who have taken a period of maternity leave whilst in post.

Thank you to the Teach First Innovation Network Fund who sponsored this podcast series.

Nothing Without Us

Angie Browne’s work with Being Luminary covers all the protected characteristics included in the 2010 Equality Act. 

In her first series for Nothing Without Us she explores the protected characteristic of pregnancy and maternity, and teachers’ experiences of becoming parents. 

Episode 2 features The MTPT Project’s North London Regional Representative, Laura Nwanya, and episode 4 features MTPT Project Founder, Emma Sheppard.

Teachers Talk Radio

The 2020-21 Morning Break on Teachers Talk Radio was hosted by MTPT Project Founder, Emma Sheppard. 

In her episodes, she talks to parent-teachers working in a variety of roles on topics ranging from creative arts subjects, to museum learning; fertility treatment as a teacher to reading for pleasure.

Easily accessible inspiration, practical ideas and reflective opportunities for your maternityCPD and paternityCPD!