by Apr 5, 2020

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Teacher (on leave) £8.00 now.
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Teacher (back at work) £12.00 now.
Membership expires after 12 Months.
Light Research Subscription £10.00 every 3 Years. Select
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Individual Membership

Becoming a member of The MTPT Project gives teachers access to an increased range of Case Studies and blogs to inspire and shape their own maternity and paternity CPD experiences.  Our featured content draws from the experience within our coaching and Regional Representative team, and offers members the chance to contribute to our hive of expertise and experience.

Return to Teaching

We are delighted to have partnered with Flexible Teacher Talent to create a series of three workshops for teachers considering a return to the classroom following a career break.  Our workshops cover ‘Selling Your Career Break’, ‘Applications (Focus on Flex)’ and ‘Interviews’ and – whilst the content is relevant to anyone considering stepping back in to the classroom – we focus particularly on the nuances faced by parents.

Light Research (Subscription)

This subscription gives you access to our online journal, Light Research, which features monthly reports on our current research project exploring the reasons why women aged 30-39 are the largest demographic to leave teaching every year.  You can read the introduction to the project for free, here.

The MTPT Project are the only organisation to be investigating this topic and other evidence of the motherhood penalty in education.  Light Research also gives you access to bonus research reports about parent-teachers, drawing on surveys and data from smaller surveys and data sets.