Diversity and Inclusion

Our Diversity and Inclusion team were formed in 2020 following our first Diversity report.

For The MTPT Project, ‘diversity’ means ensuring that BAME parent-teachers, fathers, single and solo parent-teachers, LGBT+ parent-teachers, teachers who have become parents through adoption, fertility treatment and surrogacy, parent-teachers of blended families and parent-teachers from different faith groups have equity of access to our supportive network and empowering CPD opportunities.

Our Diversity and Inclusion team enrich our network, provide representation for these groups, and add important voices to our conversations.  An important role of the Diversity and Inclusion team is to contribute to and review our annual Diversity report.

Kinza Barrett, @kinzalouise
Shared Parental Leave

After her own experience of Shared Parental Leave, Kinza set up her own website to support teachers in navigating the finances and administration associated with shared parental leave, particularly holiday periods for teachers.

Nicola Mooney, @nicksnooks
IVF and Fertility

Nicola already acts as our IVF and Fertility Advocate, providing invaluable support to teachers within our community undergoing fertility treatment.  She also has experience of single parenthood and now has a blended family, and has reviewed our IVF and Fertility policy template.

Nikki Cunningham-Smith, @_MrsC_S

Nikki acts as our Gloucester Advocate and also represents … teacher-parents as an active member of our online community.  You can read her maternityCPD story on our Case Studies page.

Alex Mason

As well as acting as The MTPT Project’s Adoption Advocate, Alex sits on the Diversity and Inclusion team, contributing on behalf of teachers undergoing both the adoption process.  She also has a broad network of contacts, and experience in the world of safeguarding and looked after children.

Chris Reddy

Chris is one of The MTPT Project’s Accreditation coaches and an active member of The MTPT Project’s social media community, creating connections between fathers and showcasing the balancing act between his fatherhood, teaching and coaching roles.

Claire Neaves, @bristol_teacher

Claire is our Bristol Representative and contributes to the Diversity and Inclusion team on behalf of LGBT+ parents.  As well as educating the wider MTPT Project team on LGBT+ issues, she supports us with wording in our communications and opens up important conversations within our community.