The MTPT Project are the only organisation in the UK that focuses exclusively on the parent-teacher community, and as such, our team are experts in this field.  We offer a number of workshops for a variety of audiences to support teachers and schools throughout their journey as parent teachers.

Whether working independently or in partnership with other CPD providers or schools, we insist that all of our CPD workshops are family friendly and regularly welcome babies and children into our sessions.  Wherever possible, we ask partners to offer creche facilities, especially where large audiences of parents will be in attendance. 

Life Friendly Leadership

With 38% of teachers in The MTPT Project’s research into women leaving the profession aged 30-39 blaming school culture for their decision quit, we know that more needs to be done to improve communication between schools and teachers to address the retention crisis.  

A positive school culture that supports teachers as they become parents doesn’t just benefit mothers and fathers: the practical strategies we share in this workshop improve balance for all staff, and will help senior and middle leaders to create “life friendly” schools.

This workshop is appropriate for school leaders, TSAs, Academy chains, Unions and independent conference organisers, especially where there is a focus on wellbeing and retention.

Facilitator: Regional Representatives
Cost: £260 for a 90 minute workshop + travel expenses
Availability: dependent on region

Selling Your Career Break

Whether you’ve taken a period of maternity leave, or a more extended period out of the classroom and are now looking to return, this workshop will help you to reflect on the value of your experience at home or in other sectors.  This workshop is the first step for returners who want to orientate themselves with educational updates, boost their confidence and begin networking to secure a position that works for them and their ideal work-life balance.

Currently, we host these workshops with Women Leading in Education and WomenEd partners at established conferences but are open to providing independent workshops in regional locations if there is demand.  Keep an eye on our calendar, or get in contact to request a workshop in your region.

Facilitator: Regional Representatives and Accreditation Coaches
: dependent on conference fee
Availability: dependent on region

Succesful Applications

The MTPT Project community is made up of teachers and leaders at every stage of their career, ambitious for new challenges and eager to secure roles that work for them and their families.

In partnership with Flexible Teacher Talent and Return to Teach, this workshop is inclusive of all teachers interested in the opportunity to explore different job specifications and how to frame their current experience to ensure they are shortlisted following the application stage.  It is appropriate for a Women Leading in Education or Union audience, or for independent conference organisers with a focus on career progression.

Facilitator: Emma Sheppard (Flexible Teacher Talent), Lindsay Patience and Lindsay Rose (Flexible Teacher Talent), Holly Power (Return to Teach)
£160 per 45 to 60 minute session + travel expenses
Availability: dependent on region 

Preparing for Interview

This workshop naturally follows on from our Successful Applications workshop, and can be booked in combination with one or two MTPT, Flexible Teacher Talent or Return to Teach presenters, depending on availability.

In this session, a brief introduction will be followed by hands on interview role play using resources, questions and coaching triad techniques from experienced leaders who have been on both sides of the interviewing panel.  This workshop provides teachers and leaders with the opportunity to boost their confidence, try out responses to interview questions and receive supportive but honest feedback in a safe environment before interviewing for their dream job.

This workshop is appropriate for Women Leading in Education, Union and conference organisers with a focus on career progression.

Facilitator: Emma Sheppard (MTPT Project), Lindsay Patience and Lucy Rose (Flexible Teacher Talent), Holly Power (Return to Teach)
Cost: £160 for a 45 to 60 minute workshop + travel expenses
Availability: dependent on region

Parental Leave Coaching

Where schools, Women Leading in Education groups and TSAs are committed to supporting their teachers over the maternity leave period, we offer small group coaching sessions lead by a qualified MTPT Project coach.  

These workshops are designed for either groups of teachers preparing to go on parental leave, or as they approach their return to work days and support them in reflecting upon their priorities and goals as their logistics and emotional priorities may be changing.

Facilitator: Accreditation Coaches
: prices are tailored depending on group size and audience
Availability: dependent on region

Resilience and Wellbeing

This workshop is suitable for conference organisers and TSAs who feel the need to build resilience: either amongst individuals, or teams.  

It can be tailored to suit different audience, whether the need for trust and resilience is amongst groups of senior leaders, new leaders or teams of teachers, working in comfortable or high stress environments.

Assunta combines coaching, mindfulness and yoga techniques and has experience working with corporate teams which can be adapted to the education sector.

Facilitator: Assunta Cucca, Accreditation Coach
: prices are tailored depending on group size and audience
Availability: London and Commutable Regions