Community Coaches

We are so fortunate to have a wide range of qualified and experienced coaches working across The MTPT Project network who boast experience in both education and business.  Our Community Coaches offer ad hoc coaching opportunities to our members – both 1:1 coaching sessions and more structured programmes of coaching over a longer period.

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Jenny Idle
Baby Steps Coaching

Jenny offers ad hoc 1:1 pro bono coaching, and coaching courses focusing on balancing career and parenting commitments.

Emma Cann
Emma Cann Coaching

Emma offers ad hoc coaching bursts to MTPT Project members, supporting them with a series of coaching sessions to help them to reach their medium-term goals.

George MacMillan
Principal: Harris Academy Greenwich

As well as a secondary principal, George supports The MTPT Project’s Accreditation Coaches when they need additional pro-bono capacity.