About Us

Our Team

The MTPT Project was founded in June 2016 by Emma Sheppard and is run by a team of volunteers and advocates across the country.  Meet our team below, and get in contact via Twitter!

Regional Representatives

We know that having a supportive community is essential to teachers on maternity leave and returning to work.  

Our energetic and welcoming Regional Representatives are all parent teachers with young families.  They host coffee mornings in family friendly cafes and sites of cultural and historical interest, and present at workshops and events across the UK.  They love their local areas and share CPD opportunities and school partnerships via Twitter and Facebook.  

Introduce yourself to them and enjoy the powerful network that they can provide! 

Accreditation Coaches

Teachers who have completed our flexible accreditation process wax lyrical about the transformational power of coaching.

Our team is made up of five qualified coaches who volunteer their time to The MTPT Project because they are so passionate about empowering parents to live fulfilling professional and personal lives.

As well as providing teachers with the space to articulate their goals and reflect upon their successes as part of the accreditation process, our coaches regularly appear at CoachMeets and networking events.

Diversity and Inclusion Team

Inclusion is one of the most important values of The MTPT Project and ensuring equity of access to our supportive network and empowering CPD offer is at the heart of our strategic decision making.


The MTPT Project serves a large education community, many of whom support through one off, or informal commitments.  Our Advocates spread the word on social media, at networking events, in their schools and provide support to our members on a wide range of topics.

Community Coaches

Acting in a less formal capacity to our Accreditation Coaches, our Community Coaches offer ad hoc coaching sessions and longer programmes to MTPT Project members.

Strategy Team

Made up of professionals from both the education, private and charitable sector, our strategists ensure that The MTPT Project is as impactful as possible.

Together with our Accreditation Coaches and Regional Representatives, our Strategy Team build partnerships with schools and private companies, and share the work of The MTPT Project via social media and online platforms.