From documentaries to YouTube to live streamed conferences, video and television can provide you with some great baby-friendly CPD opportunities to get you thinking, planning and creating in the comfort of your own home.  Especially in those early weeks of exhaustion, or even in the later stages of pregnancy, or for those times when baby just refuses to sleep anywhere other than in a position that traps you on the sofa, relaxing your body whilst stimulating your mind can be very welcome.

We’ve begun to collate a series of links to get you started, but your CPD interests will be your best guide.  We’ve also added a note to illustrating how Emma Sheppard, Founder of The MTPT Project used many of these video resources on her first maternity leave as stepping stones to further CPD experiences and to impact student outcomes when she returned to the classroom.

Filmed/ Live Streamed Conferences

Many large conference events aren’t quite there yet with creche provision, but many do either live stream some or all of their workshops in real time, or post links to their edited videos at a later date.

Such live streaming enabled me to attend ResearchEd two years in a row, which in turn helped to develop more effective marking and feedback strategies in reaction to @daisychristo’s talks when I returned to the classroom.

The MTPT Project community can face access barriers similar to teachers in more remote communities, and with many conferences being city-centric, events organisers understand that a video link can increase inclusion tenfold.

Click on the images above to explore the links we already know about, contact us to add additional events to this page, or just ask organisers if an event will be filmed or live streamed to begin discussions about inclusion with big CPD providers.

If you’d like to live stream your event but are worried about technology or cost, read @eyebeams’ very helpful blog here.


There’s a reason we use YouTube so much in lessons – it provides us with a wealth of video resources from TED talks to full length films available for rent.

Three stand-out YouTube moments on my CPD journey were watching Sheryl Sandberg’s original ‘Lean In’ TED Talk, which lead to finally buying and reading her book, packed with revelations about gender, equality, motherhood and leadership and prompting further exploration into the skills videos available on the Lean In site.

The second was discovering the very creepy 1992 animated version of Macbeth, which has been an indespensible resource in introducing students to this GCSE text, and revising at key points in the course.

Lastly, working full time and having a baby meant that I missed the 2016 release of Lady Macbeth, but I was able to rent this via YouTube.  It’s a really interesting interpretation of this infamous character, and whilst we can’t screen it at school because of its 15 certificate, we’ve added it to our ‘recommended films’ list for Year 11.


Film and Television

Whether you’re on parental leave or not, there are some films and television programmes that are just excellent learning resources for you and your students.  With a new baby, however, it’s not uncommon to find yourself trapped on the sofa under a warm, highly volatile and sensitve lump.  The slightest movement could transform a sleeping baby into an atom bomb, so why not embrace this chilled time and be inspired by a BBC Documentary or a film that gets you thinking about the topics and texts that you teach?

Recently, the BBC’s Russia with Simon Reeve was highly recommended by Geography teachers in our community, and there are some beautiful links between The Light Between Oceans* and The Tempest.

Many Odeon and Picturehouse cinemas have ‘Newbies’ or ‘Big Scream’ schedules especially designed for carers and babies under 12 months to watch the newest releases during the day.  The recent release of Blade Runner 2049 with Vangelis’ epic score reworked by Hans Zimmer and Benjamin Wallfisch has got our MTPT Project Music teachers very excited, especially as Vangelis’ original appears on the A Level specification.

*This film comes with a miscarriage trigger warning.