Short Courses

Have you ever been unable to attend a juicy one-day course or series of classes because of cover implications, school commitments or a heavy workload?  Whilst on parental leave, you don’t need to worry about setting cover work for that exam class, just about finding childcare for your little one, or asking whether it would be possible to bring your baby along.  Don’t be afraid of this request – members of the MTPT community have been pleasantly surprised by the responses they have received!

Below are a series of short course providers – different to online courses in that your physical attendance is required – that offer a range of interesting half, one day or weekly courses.

The courses offered by Mathematics in Education and Industry come highly recommended by our Maths MaternityTeachers.  They offer a range of paid courses that involve both online and in person units, and have been very welcoming of teachers completing courses around the demands of small babies.  Even though the courses are paid, there is the option for individuals to be refunded by the DfE on completion of certain courses.

The Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce offer free lectures on a range of courses from economics to citizenship, politics to global development at their site in Charing Cross.

They also have a series of animations and videos that make their public events accessible to those who could otherwise not attend.

The RSA have already been tried and tested by our MaternityTeacher, Verena Hefti.  Read about how they welcomed her and her baby, as well as her baby-logistic tips on her blog.

As well as a dedicated YouTube channel with videos on a range of social, anthropological, historical and psychological subjects, narrated by the popular philsopher, Alain de Boton, The School of Life offer one day paid courses in their London, Regent’s Park ‘classrooms’.

Of specific interest to RE, Philosophy, Art, Sociology and Psychology teachers, as well as those interested in leadership, management and wellbeing in the workplace, The School of Life offer a variety of courses on topics such as ‘Closing the Confidence Gap‘ and ‘What is Art For?’ delivered by both in-house lecturers and high profile guests like Ben Okri and Heston Blumenthal.

CityLit offer a fantastic range of paid subject-specific one day and multi-week courses at their London, Holborn campus.  From technology and science to performing arts and pottery – the range available really is incredible.

These courses are perfect for enriching your knowledge and understanding of specific units or areas of the curriculum, especially if you would like to teach a new key stage, or part of your course upon your return to work, or if specifications change whilst you are on parental leave.

Mums in Technology run a series of paid coding courses, specifically aimed at mothers on maternity leave.  The organisation encourage mothers to bring their babies with them on the course and ‘believe that maternity leave should be an opportunity for development, rather than a barrier’.