Pilot Accreditation

We are currently piloting an MTPT Project Accreditation process with three members of The MTPT Project community currently on maternity leave.  You can read more about the intended accreditation, and if you have any further questions, would like more information, or would like to be involved in the next stage of this exciting pilot, please contact us.

Equally, if you are an academic organisation interested in partnering with us to develop this pilot, or an organisation interested in funding the further development of this accreditation, we would love to hear from you.


For some teachers, parental leave is the perfect opportunity to complete self-directed CPD.  The MTPT Project recognises that the CPD that can be completed around the demands of a young family can be varied and broad-ranging, but invaluable to teachers’ personal and professional development.  It is also therefore invaluable to the impact they are able to have on student outcomes when they return to the education system, whether that be in the classroom or elsewhere.

A framework to recognise much of this CPD does not currently exist.  Many members of The MTPT Project community complete CPD that results in a formal qualification (such as Masters, NPQSLs or FutureLearn courses), but many other members complete equally valuable CPD that is difficult to certify: visits to sites of cultural interest; reading; networking; volunteering; school visits and observations; coaching.  This CPD is completed without obligation and according to the expectations and deadlines that teachers set themselves in order to work around the demands of their new families, and the important wellbeing space provided by parental leave.

Another issue is the cultures that teachers are met with when they return to the classroom, many of which do not fully understand or value the opportunity for CPD that parental leave offers.  Reduced confidence and frustrations around being undervalued are often anecdotally stated as part of parents’ negative experience when returning to work after leave, and sometimes the beginning of teachers deciding to leave the profession altogether.  Creating an accreditation that enables teachers to confidently share their parental leave CPD experiences will be beneficial not only to the individual, but also to the wider teaching profession as it will empower more teachers to collaborate, lead and remain in the profession after starting a family.  It will also change the perception of parental leave amongst school staff bodies, giving colleagues the chance to acknowledge and celebrate others’ learning.

According to research collated by the TDT, however, in order to be effective, this CPD cannot simply exist in the isolation of parental leave: it must have an impact on student outcomes.


  • Formally recognise and celebrate the ‘tricky to certify’ CPD completed on parental leave
  • Ensure that this CPD has an impact on student outcomes by raising the status and awarding official value to development completed on parental leave
  • Positively influence the perception of parental leave in schools
  • Increase teacher retention by empowering teachers returning from parental leave and creating a welcoming context for them to return to

    “It certainly makes my maternity CPD feel very acknowledged!”

    CPD focus: memory strategies for a whole school teaching and learning approach

    Madeleine Fresko-Brown

    Assistant Head Teacher, T&L

    Improving my personal confidence through looking at this [CPD] inspired me to take up running, and join an orchestra, as well as making me into a better, more refreshed parent. It gave me the independence and self-pride that I wished for, and boosted my confidence at home and in the workplace.”

    CPD focus: knowledge retention in Maths

    Leanne Shaw

    Maths Teacher

    “Thank you so much for our session – as ever it was so motivating and I feel more prepared to go back to school.”

    CPD focus: staff and student mental health and wellbeing

    Kate Williams

    Art Teacher and Photographer

    Individuals benefit from the accreditation by:

    • Receiving a certificate at the end of each module to present to their SLT and Line Managers
    • Taking part in a structured CPD scheme, tailored to their needs as new parents
    • Receiving feedback and coaching from The MTPT Project community in response to their Module 1 reflections and action plan
    • Improving their teaching and learning when returning after parental leave
    • Being part of a formal body that is helping to transform schools’ attitudes towards parental leave and parent-teachers
    • Being connected to a community of like-minded individuals undertaking similar CPD journeys

      Schools benefit from the accreditation by:

      • Having teachers with developed skills return to the classroom
      • Having teachers with developed skills return to schools able to improve the teaching and learning of others
      • Having members of staff committed to a scheme that requires them to evidence their impact on student outcomes
      • Attracting loyal, experienced staff members to vacancies