Pilot Accreditation


We have entered the second phase of our free MTPT Project Accreditation pilot.  Our ‘no guilt, no pressure’ offer provides a two-module structure to your parental leave CPD that is both motivating and flexible, designed to work around the demands of your new family.  

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Module 1:

*Please note: this module can be completed at any stage of your parental leave.  You might, for example, begin your Module 1 whilst waiting for your new baby and benefit from all three coaching sessions or you might use the last few weeks of your parental leave to collate your Notes, complete your Reflection and Action Plan retrospectively following a one-off coaching session.

Module 2:


You are eligible for this accreditation if:

    • You are approaching, or currently on maternity or paternity leave
    • You have taken more than 12 months out of the classroom in order to take care of your family
    • You are interested in returning to an educational setting*
    • You are not completing any of the following, formalised CPD routes: PGCE; Undergraduate degree; Masters; PhD; NPQH

    *Please note: this does not necessarily have to be within a conventional school setting.  



Improving my personal confidence through looking at this [CPD] inspired me to take up running, and join an orchestra, as well as making me into a better, more refreshed parent. It gave me the independence and self-pride that I wished for, and boosted my confidence at home and in the workplace.”

CPD focus: knowledge retention in Maths

Leanne Shaw

Maths Teacher


“It certainly makes my maternity CPD feel very acknowledged!”

CPD focus: memory strategies for a whole school teaching and learning approach

Madeleine Fresko-Brown

Assistant Head Teacher, T&L

“Thank you so much for our session – as ever it was so motivating and I feel more prepared to go back to school.”

CPD focus: staff and student mental health and wellbeing

Kate Williams

Art Teacher and Photographer