Our Values

At the MTPT Project, we have a number of key beliefs.

We believe in choice:

  • Parents are entitled to make decisions that are right for them and their families without pressure or judgment from external parties.
  • Parents should have the confidence to negotiate return-to-work conditions that enable them to be professionally and personally fulfilled after having a child.

We believe in wellbeing:

We believe in learning:

We believe in gender equality.

  • Currently, becoming a parent impacts mothers and fathers in different ways: some of these personal, some of them professional; some of them positively, some of them negatively.
  • Both men and women should enjoy a level playing field and benefit from equality in the workplace and at home.
  • By showcasing positive, solutions-focused examples of maternity leave, we hope that more fathers will be encouraged to take their shared parental leave entitlement, and the laws and cultures surrounding this will evolve to empower them to do so.