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The MTPT Project is a community organisation, entirely run by volunteers, and we need you!  Taking on a role to support the project can be hugely beneficial to your own CPD journey, providing you with the opportunity to develop your EdTech, leadership, networking, research and coaching skills, as well as broadening your understanding of topics such as effective CPD, teacher retention and gender equality.

We have a variety of opportunities for different skillsets, interests and time commitments and would love to hear from you.  The easiest way to join our team is to register with us, ticking the ‘Yes please!’ box in the final field.

Social Media Secretary

Become the official MaternityTeacher (@maternityCPD) or PaternityTeacher by managing our Twitter account, Facebook page and expanding our impact to other social media platforms.  Ideally, this role will be undertaken by a MaternityTeacher or PaternityTeacher willing to share their own CPD journeys through pictures and stories, as well as updating the MTPT community on relevant research, events or opportunities.

We would love this role to be passed on every 3-12 months to a new MaternityTeacher or PaternityTeacher to help inspire our community by providing a variety of relatable, fun and engaged ‘faces’ to the project.

Commitment: 10-60 minutes per day; regular communication with the MTPT team; flexible locations – tweet from a laptop at home or a smart phone when you’re out and about!

Childcare: a very easy role to work around your new baby either at home or whilst on adventures!

CPD Opportunity: improve your understanding of social media and associated EdTech and networks; explore a wide range of CPD opportunities, research bodies, and teaching and learning communities; network within and outside of the MTPT community.


Blogging is a fantastic way to reflect on CPD experiences and consolidate subject-specific, leadership, policy or pedagogical research.  We currently have three semi-regular bloggers at The MTPT Project and always welcome new contributers to our site – either Current Maternity or PaternityTeacher blogging about their CPD experiences, or Advocates of the project submitting guest blogs on MTPT issues such as childcare at CPD events, flexible working or using parental leave to impact education through other sectors.

Commitment: varies – blog as a one-off about an issue that is important to you, or reside as our in-house blogger for the duration of your parental leave.

Childcare: a very easy role to work around your new baby either at home or whilst on adventures!

CPD Opportunity: reflect and consolidate your CPD; research areas of interest to you; interview relevant parties; improve your understanding of social media and associated EdTech and networks; have a motivation to undertake CPD experiences.



There is almost no primary research on areas that specifically pertain to the work of The MTPT Project.  As we have developed as an organisation, we have found the same unanswered questions presenting themselves as barriers to moving forwards with important issues such as teacher retention, recruitment, staff wellbeing and gender equality at work and at home. 

These questions can be found on our Commissioned Research page.  You might already be exploring a similar area as part of your own study, or be able to read and summarise existing research for us.  Why not explore our questions and decide which one looks interesting to you and decide how you can support us with this work.

Commitment: flexible – this role could be as big or small as you like, and we could have multiple people working on it at the same time, depending on the hours each was able to commit.

Childcare: a very easy role to work around your new baby if research is completed at home.  Library and institute policies would dictate the baby-friendliness of any visits as well as how you would like to go about interviewing participants of qualitative studies.

CPD Opportunity: significant opportunity to complete academic study in the field of social sciences, human resources, recruitment and retention, gender equality or education.

We are also very interested in hearing from universities or organisations who would be interested in funding MTPT-related research or who could provide a PhD supervisor to members of our community interested in undertaking a Doctorate to develop the project further.


The MTPT Project would like to support its community through the powerful process of coaching.  If you are a qualified coach willing to offer free sessions, working towards your coaching accreditation and therefore in need of case studies and experience, or if you have coaching experience within or outside of the field of education, we would love you to support us.

This might either be on an ad-hoc or informal basis for members of our community, or contributing to the development of our accreditation pilot.  Contact us to find out more about this pilot, which is in its very initial stages.


Commitment: a minimum of three sessions for each MaternityTeacher or PaternityTeacher you agree to coach – pre-leave, during parental leave and just before the teacher returns to work.

Childcare: as a coach, assume that your MaternityTeacher or PaternityTeacher will need to bring their child with them to sessions.  However, if you have your own children, it will be important to arrange a childcare agreement together.  Are you both comfortable bringing your children to sessions?  Would bringing your own children distract your attention as a coach or create a relaxed, safe environment for your teacher?

CPD Opportunity: develop your coaching skills and understanding of different educational contexts, roles and environments as well as the needs of a variety of teachers; complete sufficient coaching hours to fulfil the expectations of your coaching accreditation.

Regional Representatives

One of the most valuable support systems that we can offer the MTPT community is a network of likeminded individuals to chat with, bounce ideas off and be empowered by – sort of like a teaching NCT!  Having a coffee, forum or networking event to attend can motivate MaternityTeachers and PaternityTeachers to start, continue or finish their CPD, to share their questions and achievements with a supportive and welcoming crowd.

We currently have Regional Representatives in London, the South West and the West Midlands.  Our community live across the UK – some even across the world.  We would like to motivate and encourage our members by organising meet-ups that are easily accesible to parents and accompanying children, as well as providing regionalised information about MTPT-friendly CPD opportunities. 

CPD Opportunity: a great opportunity for informal leadership experience; learn more about the CPD opportunities in your local region; networking and communication skills; events management and logistics; coaching and mentoring.

If you feel strongly about connecting and empowering the MaternityTeachers and PaternityTeachers in your region, then we would love you to take a lead in reaching out to others with a cup of tea, cheeky pint or a ‘school trip’.

Commitment: arrange a meet up sessions that work for you and your local community.  Once a month, once a half term, once a term, or on an ad-hoc basis.  Represent The MTPT Project at Teach Meets and events in your region in a capacity that suits you: attending and networking, presenting, facilitating workshops, or taking part in panel events.

Childcare: for events exclusive to current Maternity and PaternityTeacher everyone is in the same boat!  Bring your kids with you to meet ups and combine a play date with professional chat.  For events run by larger organisations, take on the WomenEd mantra of being 10% braver and requesting that you and other MTPT community members bring children, or that childcare is provided.  Why not suggest companies like The Mobile Creche Co. or Winchmore Camps, already used by CPD providers like WomenEd and ResearchEd?

Proof Readers

Are you a stickler for good grammar and spelling?  Can you spot a typo from a mile away?  We’d love you to use your eagle eyes to let us know if you find any indescrepancies on the MTPT website, blog and any social media content.  Just get in contact with us to point out our mistakes!

Commitment: none – just get that digital red pen out whenever you happen to be browsing through the website or related media.

Childcare: a very easy role to fit around your childcare options.

CPD Opportunity: improve your eye for detail to keep in practice for future marking and literacy checks. 

Website Manager

This website forms the core of The MTPT Project by providing information about flexible CPD and by introducing MaternityTeachers and PaternityTeachers across the UK (… across the world?) to a network of likeminded and inspiring people.  In its simplest form, we hope that teachers visit this website and feel empowered to design their own CPD journey around the individual needs of their families.

We would therefore like the website to be as effective, accesible and welcoming as possible, evolving with the project in order to meet the needs of the community we support.


The website is powered by WordPress but if you’re not familiar with this, or coding, then don’t worry – I managed to learn!  Whether you already have these tech skills, or would like to develop them as part of your CPD, we’d love to hear from you.

Commitment: 1-2 hours a week; regular communication with the MTPT team; flexible locations – work from a laptop at home or when you’re out and about!

Childcare: a very easy role to work around your new baby either at home or at a work hub of your choice.

CPD Opportunity: improve your understanding of WordPress and code; explore a wide range of CPD opportunities, research bodies, and teaching and learning communities; network within and outside of the MTPT community.


So much of The MTPT Project’s impact is about raising awareness of choices available to MaternityTeachers and PaternityTeachers.  Parenting, teaching, CPD and ‘work’, and the combination of all four are complex, delicate and sometimes controversial subjects, but the more we start and sustain discussions, and the more we advocate for teachers to have choice about what they choose to do with their parental leave, then the closer we can get to securing working conditions that are empowering and beneficial to our educational community.

Simply by referring interested parties to The MTPT Project website, suggesting MTPT-friendly solutions to SLT or conference facilitators like creches, or live-streaming, or by engaging in the debate from your personal or professional viewpoint, you can help to advocate for teachers and their families.

If you are involved in Teach Meets, CPD conferences or are a member of the media and would like to host a session, make a presentation or publicise The MTPT Project, we can send you information, ideas and resources to help you to do so.  Just get in contact with us so we can get you started!

Commitment: none – when an MTPT advocacy idea pops into your head, say it, Tweet it, share it!  Alternatively, choose the events or conferences at which you would like to represent us.

Childcare: straightforward advocacy is a very easy role to fit around your childcare options; as a facilitator or presenter, why not ask how the organisers of the event would feel about you presenting with your baby as your beautiful assistant.  Not sure?  Be inspired by Eva Marie S. Collins and her Baby Bjorn.

CPD Opportunity: engage in a broad debate and improve your understanding of gender equality, working conditions, teacher recruitment and retention, wellbeing, CPD and EdTech; develop your adult facilitation and presentation skills.