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The MTPT Project is run by a team of 11 volunteers, but there are costs associated with the work that we do.  We know that there are many members of our community who would like to support us by donating money to cover these costs.

We aim for absolute transparency regarding the use of any funds from our community.  In the academic year 2018-19, we will prioritise the use of this money for the following aspects of our work – click on the links to find out more about how they are essential to inspiring, empowering and connecting teachers on parental leave:

If we receive sufficient funds, we will also use this money for the following overheads and expenses:

  • Website costs and promotional stationery (business cards, staff room posters, book marks)
  • Travel expenses for our Regional Representatives facilitating workshops and presenting at TeachMeets
  • Research costs (telephone interviewers, advisors, transcribers)
  • Short term marketing, branding and graphic design support