At The MTPT Project, we know that coaching is a powerful and empowering process that can help you to reflect upon your short, medium and long term CPD and career plans.

Maximise on Existing Partnerships

Many members of our community have benefitted from existing coaching partnerships, or reached out to colleagues within their professional networks to help them to transform the ‘pause’ or ‘break’ of parental leave into a career opportunity.  If you have these connections, we strongly encourage you to maximise upon them and request three coaching sessions: before and during your parental leave, and then just before you return to work.  Read about the MaternityTeacher’s experience of and tips for choosing a coach.

Find a Coach

As many of our community members are mothers, we are directing any coaching requests from women to the DfE ‘Women in Education Leadership Coaching’.  Through this free coaching programme, you can both offer coaching and benefit from a coach.  If you are a PaternityTeacher, we also have a number of experienced and qualified coaches within our community who are interested in offering free coaching sessions.  Simply contact us to find out more.

Coach a Trainee Teacher

If you are a Teach First ambassador, you can support a Teach First participant in their first year who is having a tough time.  This can be on the telephone or in person, and is incredibly rewarding because of the difference it can make in a new teacher’s personal and professional life.  Sometimes, your extra voice at the end of a telephone and the tips and strategies that you can offer once baby is in bed can mean the difference between a Teach First participant dropping out of the programme or going on to become a fantastic teacher.

One Teach First participant said, “I honestly can’t thank you enough for everything – you have gone above and beyond and have been a big part of helping me get through this term.  Thank you so much.”

Contact Chris Kearns at Teach First’s London office to find out more about this opportunity: