About Us

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Parental Leave CPD

The first aim of The MTPT Project is to inspire, empower and connect teachers choosing to complete CPD whilst on parental leave.  Through our website and Twitter account we:

  • Collate examples of CPD that can be completed around the demands of a new baby – many of these have been recommended by our community.
  • Share stories of teachers who have completed CPD whilst on parental leave, offering inspiration and practical tips.
  • Share blogs from teachers currently on parental leave who are completing their own self-directed CPD.

Because parents complete CPD independently and in a way that suits them, most of this aim is entirely self-sustaining; however, the third aspect of this aim is to connect teachers on parental leave with other likeminded individuals through social media and in physical meet-ups to create local TeachMeet+Baby-style groups.

If you would like your involvement or support of The MTPT Project to be acknowledged, please register or contact us if you would like more information about the project or its community.

Family Friendly Schools

We have already seen the impact that inspiring, empowering and connecting members of our community can have on school cultures.  By helping teachers to bridge the confidence gap that often accompanies parental leave, The MTPT Project changes attitudes towards parent-teachers and raises awareness about the small but powerful things that school leadership teams can do to make schools more sustainable places for teachers to work once they have families.

From co-leadership positions to eroding cultures of ‘presenteeism’; providing greater clarity around shared parental leave or simply ensuring that parents feel connected and welcomed before, during and after their leave, the voices in our community are growing in confidence and schools are happily adapting their working practices to value these members of staff.  In doing so, they are also improving the wellbeing of staff who do not have childcare commitments.

If you are a school leader, there are lots of ways to improve working conditions for your staff members with families:

  • Talk to your parent-teachers and ask them about their individual needs.
  • Read Hayley Dunn’s blog about family-friendly practices.
  • Contact us or follow us on Twitter to hear family-friendly tips from our community.

Our second aim is to acknowledge the ‘tricky to certify’ CPD completed by many teachers whilst on parental leave in order to positively impact student outcomes and increase teachers’ confidence when returning to the education system.

We are currently piloting our two module accreditation process with three teachers across the UK.  Learn more about what the accreditation involves here, and if you would like to be involved in this exciting journey, just get into contact!


As well as inspiring and empowering individuals to make decisions that are right for them and their families, The MTPT Project could have a significant impact on teacher retention and educational leadership.  

There are two main pages on our site where you can learn more about what we know about parents, teachers, parental leave, staff retention, staff turnover, staff wellbeing and the impact that this all has on student outcomes:

We are also commissioning our own research to find out more about the following areas pertinent to The MTPT Project community:

  • The number of teachers on maternity or extended paternity leave
  • The impact of CPD completed on parental leave
  • The number of teachers who adjust their hours because of childcare responsibilities, thus contributing to the gender pay gap.
  • The number of teachers who reduce their responsibilities after returning from parental leave, thus contributing to the gender pay gap and the gender imbalance in leadership.
  • The number of teachers who do not progress at the same rate as their colleagues because of the impact of taking parental leave or balancing a family with their career.
  • The number of teachers leaving the profession, citing the incompatibility of teaching with dedicating sufficient time to family commitments.

Explore our Commissioned Research page if you are interested in supporting us in this area via your current study, or by taking up an aspect of one of our short term research projects.