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Inspiring, empowering and connecting teachers choosing to complete continued professional development whilst on parental leave.

We believe that parents are entitled to make decisions that support their wellbeing and the wellbeing of their families.  Wellbeing means different things for different people: for some, this means maintaining a sense of that “teacher” identity during the “break” of parental leave.

We think creatively about the type of activities that have a positive impact on our students and can therefore be considered effective professional learning, and we love exploring the simplicity or problem-solving challenge (!) of enjoying these with babies and toddlers.

Our community has a significant impact on the culture of schools, influencing organisations to be more equal and more inclusive.  The ramifications of our work make teaching not only a family friendly career choice for mothers and fathers, but also improves working conditions for all teachers.

    "Using social media to build my professional network helped me to work towards my dream role as a Research Lead."

    Niki Kaiser, Chemistry Teacher and Research Lead, winner of the RSC’s 2018 Schools Education Award

    "Observing and volunteering in local schools on maternity leave lead to a new role that relaunched my career."

    Dawn Stow, Head of Year and Associate SLT

    "Blogging as I developed my subject knowledge as a Maths teacher landed me a new job as a Lead Practitioner and a blogging award!"

    Jo Morgan, Maths Consultant

    "Reading for pleasure on my own and with my son helped me to improve the whole school reading scheme."

    Emma Sheppard, Lead Practitioner and English Teacher

    "Maternity leave gave me the time to submit an application and interview to become an SLE in SEND and Inclusion."

    Claire Nicholls, SENCO and SLE

    "Quick top ups on YouTube and with my own A Level text books improved my KS5 teaching."

    Hinal Bhudia, Maths Teacher and Assistant Principal